Hardwood and Softwood Logs - Firewood

We supply high quality Hardwood and Softwood Logs, in large capacity Dumpy Bags or the 'easy to handle' Net Bags. Choosing Fountain Treeworks means you are buying logs direct from the supplier - we source, cut and prepare all the firewood we sell.

Excellent low cost Delivery Service

 Bristol, Bath,Weston -s -Mare and surrounding areas

Call 01934 862162 or 07906870232 for further details or click 'Contact Us' and email your requirements.

Quality Air Dried Logs

At Fountain Fuelwood we offer the widest choice. Hardwood, Softwood or Mixed Logs. Delivered or Collected. All our quality firewood is air dried over the summer months ready for burning during the winter it is cut into uniform lengths and either split or left in rounds to fit most fires. We can provide larger or smaller sizes.

Prices 2017-18

Hardwood £67.50 per dumpy bag
Softwood £45.00 per Dumpy bag
Mixed hard and soft £55.00 per dumpy bag
Delivery Free in BS40 / BS48 / BS49 / BS25 / BS41 / BS8 / BS13
All other areas delivery is charged at £15.00 (up to dumpy 2 Bags 3 or more free delivery)

Sustainable Energy.

Most of our Quality firewood logs are cut from sustainable sources and are a mixture of Beech, Ash, Oak and Birch. Wood is a source of renewable energy, providing wood comes from a sustainable source

If you would like to discuss your requirements in detail, please do not hesitate to contact us.