Hardwood and Softwood Logs - Firewood

The Law from Feb 2021

Sales of wet wood in small units (less than 2 cubic metres) will be phased out from February 2021. (moisture content greater than 20%)

The changes are currently being applied in England. Households in Clean Air zones are banned by law from emitting dense smoke.

Please see below for a guide on how to store and season firewood


Should you be planning to season your own firewood, unless you are doing large amounts at a time, you will likely want your seasoned wood as soon as possible in time for the heating season. Here are a number of fairly simple ways in which the process can be sped up:

Seek out a location close to your home. When storing firewood, it’s important to keep convenience in mind. Firewood can be heavy to carry from outside into your home, and this can be especially stressful during the colder months. Seek out an appropriate space away from the home to avoid infestations from wood boring insects, but nearby enough for convenience.

See if there’s room in an outdoor non-wooden storage shed. If you have an outdoor storage shed, this is a great place to store firewood. Inside a shed, firewood will be protected from things like rain.

Stack firewood effectively. When stacking firewood, make sure to do so effectively. Stacking your firewood incorrectly can cause it to rot quicker. You should always stack your firewood rather than throw it in a pile. This will promote air circulation and keep firewood from drying out.

Do not put a tarp over firewood before it’s dry. Wet firewood needs to dry out before it can be stored safely. Wet wood needs to be exposed to open air to dry out. If you’ve just collected firewood, refrain from putting a tarp over it.

If it’s going to rain, it’s appropriate to cover wet firewood with a tarp. Just make sure to leave the sides of the firewood pile uncovered.

Quality Air Dried Logs

We supply high-quality Hardwood and Softwood Logs, in large capacity Dumpy Bags or by the load depending on delivery location. Choosing Fountain Treeworks means you are buying logs direct from the supplier we source, cut, and prepare all the firewood we sell.

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At Fountain Treeworks Ltd we offer the widest choice. Hardwood, Softwood, or Mixed Logs. Delivered or Collected. All our quality firewood is air dried over the summer months ready for burning during the winter it is cut into uniform lengths and either split or left in rounds to fit most fires.

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